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DBF is a prestigious agency that focuses on MICE networking events in the UK & French Market.
The DBF team believes that people do business with people and that this is based on trust & relationships. 

Over a decade of events

Over the years DBF has developed and finetuned two keys events which serve both buyers and suppliers who work in the MICE industry. The events are recognised as the very best and serve those in the UK & French market. Find out more about the “Be Our Guest” & “All About People” on these pages and discover why after over 12 years these events still continue to get better and better. 


Our Industry is about "People" and we will always look, adjust and never forget that it is about "you"


A high level (84% )of senior buyers/clients ensure that we have the right mix of people for anyone looking for decision makers


Over 70+ events in 12 years. More than 600 suppliers meeting with over 2,000 buyers. Always handpicked and personal

Upcoming events

"Quality always Beats Quantity"



Learn more about the events we run and don’t hesitate to contact us with any or all other queries you may have!


If your goal is to grow your network and meet qualified MICE agents, then this is the event for you ! This is the small but effective event that allows you to do a week of sales calls in a day Qualified clients and exceptional networking. In both the UK & French market.

It sees 10 slots of 15 minute meetings.

If you expand your network even further and meet  MICE buyers (agents and corporate end-users), in one event, then this format will suit you even more. This event runs in the UK & France. 

This event had 2 sessions of “1on1” meetings. Each session has 10 qualified meetings of 15 minutes each.

In this prestigious event you have the possibility to build real business relationships over a weekend.

Top UK MICE Agents and quality appointments. Always in a relaxed and informal style. 


This has 2 sessions of “1on1” meetings. Your meetings are 15 minutes and you have a maximum of 28 slots.


Note: The clients request to see you so the quality is assured!

We do not overbook on the supplier/host side. By doing this we keep the right balance at our events. Never will you see more suppliers then buyers. 

  • “Be our guest” Agents Only, no more then 10 suppliers (and 20 clients)
  • “Be our guest” Agents & Corporates, no more then 15 suppliers (and 20 agents and 20 corporates)
  • “All about people” UK Clients Only, no more then 50 suppliers (and a max of 100 clients)


Express your interest in time as full is full.

We do not allow sharing tables for the simple reason that it effects the balance between Buyers v Suppliers.

Exceptions and rules -> But they have to be really special

We are always looking for potential “new” venues to get involved. If you are interested in hosting (co-hosting) one then just reach out.

Note: We do prefer you to have been at one of our events!

The costs for suppliers includes:

  • The overnight accommodation (Be our guest, 1 night. All About People, 2 nights)
  • The “1on1” meetings.
  • All pre-arranged F&B in the program.


So no extra costs apart from your personal expenses.

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